iSOLde is the result of years of research by scientific institutes in collaboration with Philips.

In-depth knowledge of the biopositive effects of UV light formed the basis in the development of this lamp program, which was specifically designed for different skin types and applications.

CLEO Advantage, CLEO Swift and CLEO Professional-S offer very effective, direct and permanent pigmentation. Due to the high UV output, a beautiful dark complexion is achieved within a very short time. These lamps are therefore particularly suitable for use with short tanning times. CLEO Swift lamps also have a significantly increased UVA output for immediately visible darkening of the skin. CLEO Professional lamps are characterized by their very well-balanced UVA/UVB ratio. They provide excellent biopositive factors and are ideal for health care (vitamin D3 synthesis, compensation of sun deficiency). CLEO Professional EU is the 0.3 range within the CLEO family. These lamps offer optimal tanning results while complying with legal regulations. Within the 0.3 range you will find lamps for all popular professional tanning beds.

CLEO Performance and CLEO Performance-S are particularly suitable for people who like to enjoy their stay in the solarium a little longer, due to their moderate erythema effect. In addition, these lamps also help people with sensitive skin to achieve a long-lasting tan. CLEO Compact and CLEO Compact S is the product family with the short, enormously powerful tanning lamps. These lamps are mainly designed for use in low-pressure facial tanners. CLEO HPA high pressure lamps The CLEO by iSOLde high pressure range includes lamps with high output and excellent product quality. The gold coating on the lamp ends guarantees that the optimum operating temperature is reached quickly. CLEO HPA high pressure lamps are perfectly matched for use with all CLEO low pressure lamps.